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>> Berlingske is testing a cryo-sauna, where you expose your body to about minus 130 degrees - and the effect should be: Better combustion, release of endorphins - and beautiful skin.<<

>> The first thought is: Do I really need to get into this chamber that says "minus 120 degrees" on the screen and damp from dry ice is leaking from the top? The machine looks something like >> Back to the Future <<, and if it didn't stand at the luxury-wellness center Wellcome in Hellerup, I probably wouldn't dare.

But it all looks very scientific with screens flashing and numbers changing, so I'm wearing the shorts, sports bra, warm Ugg boots, and gloves that look like something from Weber's very large barbecue package ...

Tine Hertz is the woman who first got Cryo to Denmark after trying the freezer in many places abroad.<<


>> In the US, for example, they are in some large centers and you can go in and get a shot of energy and endorphins, she says. According to Tine Hertz, Cryo - in addition to releasing endorphins, such as when winter bathing - can reduce inflammation and inflammation in the body. That's why athletes like Ronaldo, Wozniacki and Djokovic use it. As an added bonus, it tighter, she says, and it all sounds like something you might need on such a gray and sad winter day.<<


>>Obviously, this is not a miracle cure making you look different right away, but Cryolab boosts blood circulation, and I think biohealing – utilizing  the body's natural processes and by helping them move faster - is the new great thing in health and beauty industry, says Tine Hertz.<<

>>The rush of endorphins, which you might recognize from winter bathing, is the feeling you get from a Cryo session – but the feeling comes in a more insidious way.<<



>>Within the beauty and wellness universe, new, trendy and innovative ways are created to keep us healthy and beautiful. Why not take advantage of science and modern technology to find effective routines in our everyday lives? Lienhaverboligen has taken a look at a number of smart and innovative trends that may not keep you young forever - but all of which have a positive effect on your daily well-being<<.




>>Biohack your way to a healthier body and a happier mind with cold therapy, which is already a hit among stars like Ronaldo, Wosniacki and Demi Moore. CRYO therapy is a minus 120 degree "sauna" that forces the blood into the core of the body. Here, waste substances and toxins are filtered off before blood flows back to muscles and skin. This promotes collagen production and burns calories as the body warms up. Just three minutes in the cold cryo chamber increases calorie burn and blood circulation, as well as helping reduce cellulite and inflammation. Other physical and mental benefits are reduced fatigue, less pain and beautiful skin. CRYO therapy provides strength and energy and therefore beneficial before a workout<<.

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If you dream of an even and firm skin with a beautiful glow, cryotherapy may be the solution for you. Read along when the SKØN tests whether extremely cold temperatures can do wonders for your skin.


>>You no longer have to go winter bathing to feel the adrenaline rush when your body is exposed to extreme cold. Cryotherapy can expose your body to minus temperatures as low as -125 degrees. The  Japanese doctor, Dr. Yamauchi, created whole body cryotherapy back in 1978 by chance, and since then the beauty treatment has become especially popular in Poland, England and the United States, and now Denmark is on the move. Cryotherapy is said to be able to speed up the healing process, reduce inflammation, provide firmer skin and be a good supplement to weight loss, but it requires more than one trip in the cryo chamber. The treatment only takes 3 minutes, which must be on the top list of the fastest beauty treatments I've tried<<.


>>The thought of the extremely cold degrees have seemed a bit unreal to me right until I switched to shorts, sports bra, boots and gloves, and I could see the nitrogen flowing across the cryo chamber at CryoLab CPH in Hellerup. It looks really cold, and as the temperature hits -110 degrees, I take courage and step up to the platform in the chamber, which is set to my height, so that my head just protrudes over the edge - Phew! I quickly understood why the cold is described as "dry" as I stand in there, because it certainly doesn't feel like -110 degrees would do in reality. As the temperature drops from -110 to -125 degrees, I can feel the tension and joy flowing through my body, which I think is a defensive reaction to the low temperature. Best as I've got used to the cold, the three minutes have passed. The second I get out, I can feel the adrenaline pumping, and the cold temperature has also left its marks on my cold, reddish skin, which I can immediately feel the body trying to warm up again. As the cold shock has subsided and the color has left my cheeks, I can feel how my skin feels firmer and has more glow. If I want to see the great results, however, the treatment must be repeated several times, but just for now I have a happy, fresh feeling in my body, which I could well become a little addicted to<<.